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Free talk, open to the public

Tuesday 10th March, 2020
Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

Thursday 12th March, 2020
J. Walter Cameron Centre
95 Mahalani St. Wailuku, Maui

Suzanne will discuss shocking new information about food and plastic packaging. You will learn about plastic chemicals in your daily life and in the ocean and what the impacts of these chemicals are on your health. Suzanne will reveal how plastic gets more toxic once in the ocean from the accumulation of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) and how eating seafood can be detrimental to your health. Find out how our everyday choices about what we eat and buy can make a difference in protecting your health, the environment and marine life. Come and be inspired and empowered with knowledge to make simple, easy changes to your lifestyle to protect your long term health and that of our ocean planet.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY - sorting marine debris

B.E.A.C.H. welcomes volunteers 12 years and older to help sort and research marine debris in Kaneohe. Volunteers can help on any day from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays and Sundays between 9am - 12 noon and 2pm - 5pm. No experience needed, training will be provided.

Please call 393 2168 for more information.

Coral Photograph Credit to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce and Dr. James P. McVey. Dolphins, Japanese Angelfish, Green turtle, and Laysan Albatross photos by James Watt. Humpback whale photo by James Mobeley

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