Kahuku Beach Clean-up

Kahuku Beach Clean-up
An International Year of the Reef event
Saturday 2nd August, 2008

Volunteers after the clean-up. photo: Nalani Mattox-Primacio

160 volunteers at the Kahuku beach clean-up worked very hard removing marine debris (rope, derelict fishing nets, and all types of plastic) on Saturday, 2nd August, 2008. 3,000 pounds of fishing nets/rope, 1,100 pounds of marine debris and 50 pounds of recyclables were cleared off the beach.

The fishing nets/rope were dropped off at Schnitzer Steel where they are going to be cut in small pieces and then burned for electricity at H-Power. The marine debris was unloaded at H-Power and later burned for electricity. 86% of all items collected was made of plastic.

The 10 most found items were:
1. Pieces of plastic: 9,010
2. Rope: 1,152
3. Caps/lids: 809
4. Styrofoam pieces: 735
5. Rubber tubing: 348
6. Oyster spacers: 299
7. Beverage bottles (plastic): 253
8. Other plastic bottles: 203
9. Fishing nets: 197
10. Floats: 153

Participants before the clean-up.
Senator Clayton Hee and Hawai`i State Representative Michael Magaoy spoke to the volunteers before the clean-up. photo: Nalani Mattox-Primacio

Volunteers spread out over Kahuku Beach.

Volunteers pushing and pulling a big net to the Matson container. photo: Nalani Mattox-Primacio

Volunteers moving one of several huge fishing nets.
Two participants with the first fishing net pulled out from under the rocks.

The support crew at the tent.

These curious horses came over to see what was going on at the tent. photo: Caryn Kunz

A volunteer pulling out a fishing net. photo: Caryn Kunz
Volunteers pulling a lost fishing net from the rocky reef.
Group of volunteers with the derelict fishing net they had pulled from the reef.

A typical collection of marine debris. 86% of the marine debris collected was plastic.

Many of the fishing nets were caught under heavy rocks. One volunteer used his car jack to unleash the nets.
Local volunteers including Senator Hee and Hawaii State Rep. Michael Magoay worked hard at removing heavy fishing nets from the reef.

4,150 pounds of marine debris including 3,000 pounds of fishing net/rope. photo: Caryn Kunz

Participants loading the Matson container with marine debris.

It took a dozen volunteers to load this fishing net into the container.

Dean weighing a bag of marine debris.
photo: Nalani Mattox-Primacio

International Year of the Reef t-shirt winners.

Unloading the fishing nets at Schnitzer Steel where they will be cut into smaller pieces and burned at H-Power for electricity.

3,000 pounds of fishing nets and rope.
The marine debris was unloaded at H-Power and later burned for electricity.

Thank you to Senator Clayton Hee, his staff and Junior Primacio for helping get access to the beach clean-up site. Thank you to Senator Hee and Hawaii State Representative Michael Magoay who gave short inspirational talks to the volunteers before the clean-up. Thank you to Caryn Kunz who organized several groups (2/3 of the participants) from her church, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the 10-12 members who helped with set-up, registration table, and pack-up.

Thank you to all the groups who participated: Church of Latter Day Saints, B.E.A.C.H. members and all the other individuals and families who helped clean Kahuku Beach.

Thanks also to our prize sponsors: Kale's Natural Foods (also donated bottled water), Ben & Jerry's, International Year of the Reef, and Hawaii Conservation Alliance. Thanks also to Matson who donated the container and Quiksilver who donated the insurance for the clean-up.

All photos taken by Dean Otsuki and Suzanne Frazer unless otherwise credited.


Mahalo to: Senator Clayton Hee, Jr. Primacio, and James Campbell Company LLC

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