Balloon Release Ban Bill


Help pass SB2781 banning balloon releases statewide!

A bill to ban balloon releases statewide: SB2781 introduced by Senator Gabbard, has successfully passed the Senate with all Senators supporting the bill and recently passed the House Energy and Environmental Protection committee and is now at the final committee, the House Judiciary committee Chaired by Rep. Chris Lee (Kailua/Waimanalo).

URGENT & VERY IMPORTANT: please call (808) 586 9450 or email Rep. Chris Lee ( by Monday 29th June (AM) and ask him to please schedule this bill for it's final hearing

Also contact your House Representative and ask them to support this bill.

Please help save lives. This bill matters to the survival of marine life such as albatrosses, sea turtles and other animals. Balloons are lethal and one of the most harmful types of marine debris. Balloons are litter that is originating locally. SB2781 can put a stop to this litter at the source. Just recently there was a mass balloon release on Oahu. Action is needed to protect marine animals from horrible, painful deaths due to balloon litter. Please share on social media and encourage your friends and family to call and email their House Rep. too. Thank you for taking action.

If a hearing is scheduled, here's how to do testimony:

Submitting testimony is easy and will only take 5 minutes. First register (top right corner) at:

Next, click “Submit Testimony” button on the bill page (this page also has the PDF of the bill):

Instructions for filling out online testimony form to support SB2781:

Testifying on behalf of - individual (only put organization if you are representing an organization)
Testifier position - SUPPORT
Select NO not testifying at the meeting
Then either: upload a file with your testimony OR type your testimony in the comments box
Press next and your done!

(see screenshot below of what the online form looks like)

Please see below what to include if you are attaching testimony. If you don't have time, just fill out the basic info. and click "Support" and submit or add a quick comment such as please pass this bill, save our sea turtles etc. If you do have time, write something from the heart. Use the heading below to start your testimony.

IMPORTANT: Please do not copy and paste without removing the instructions (in red) or filling in the blanks. Thanks!

To: Chair Lee, and Members of the Committee on Judiciary
(your first and last name)
Re: SB2781 Relating to Litter Control
Hearing: ------ 2020 at -----am, room -----

Aloha Chair Lee and Committee Members,

My name is
_______________ (if a school student, put how old or what grade you are in) and I am a resident of _______________ (be specific where you live eg. Kailua, Makiki, Manoa etc.). I am writing in strong support of SB2781 banning balloon releases.

(Write about why you think it is important to ban balloon releases such as saving sea turtles. Do you have first hand experience seeing people release balloons? or have found some on the beach? If so, please incude your experience in your testimony)

End with something like:
Please pass this bill as is. Thank you for this opportunity to provide written testimony in strong support of SB2781.

(your name).

Coral Photograph Credit to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce and Dr. James P. McVey. Dolphins, Japanese Angelfish, Green turtle, and Laysan Albatross photos by James Watt. Humpback whale photo by James Mobeley

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